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AnyTone 868, 878, 878 Plus Comparison Guide

If you want to know which AnyTone handheld is a better fit for you, watch this comparison guide video for more details.

Here is a Comparison Guide in a pdf format.

Here are the main differences between the AnyTone HT’s.


– All of the standard features listed on our website (plus the items listed below)

– 150K talk group list capacity

– Digital APRS TX only


– Same as AT-D868UV (plus the items listed below)

– 200K talk group list capacity

– Digital and analog APRS TX only

– Better stock antenna


– Same as the AT-D878UV (plus the items listed below)

– Bluetooth

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New Anytone AT-D878UVII APRS Setup

The new Anytone 878UVII, released in the spring of 2021, now decodes analog APRS signals in addition to transmitting them. In this video we walk through the steps to get your radio set up to both transmit and receive/decode analog APRS. Please like, subscribe, and let me know if you want to see other specific features or explanations.